[RC5] Proposal of organization of effort to win prime number contest

Ben Fletcher ben.fletcher at ibm.net
Mon Apr 12 01:25:22 EDT 1999

Roby Van Hoye wrote:
> Let D.net become a user on GIMPS, redistribute the errr, keys. (might be
> tricky, although...) and let the winner have 20% of the revenues, 20% goes
> to D.net (v3 servers) and the rest is given to a good cause (medical help
> for Kosovo for instance)
> It can't be that difficult to include the Prime client inside the D.Net
> client as the source code comes for free..
> My $0.02
> Cu
> Roby.

Interesting thought, but I do have one fundamental question:

Why would someone like me, a relative newbie without strong loyalty to
d.net, want to give up any percent of the $50k in return for nothing? 
If I want to help d.net or a charity, I could just give them a piece of
the action after I win (that'll happen).

This next comment has probably been made several times regarding the
Prime client, but why doesn't it check in more often (by default) so
that users can look up more meaningful stats and GIMPS has a better
handle on the status of things?  The reason I make the comment here,
though, is that the D.net Prime client could make a higher priority of
intermediate stats and attract more people like me who get a kick out of

My $0.015 :)


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