[RC5] DOS vs. Win32: which one when I'm on holiday?

Jonathan Ah Kit ahkitj at paradise.net.nz
Wed Apr 14 01:16:05 EDT 1999


    1. If I am to be away from my PC for a while--say a few days to a week
or two, is there any answer to whether I should use the DOS client or the
Win32 client? (I'm thinking about this in that I would guess the DOS client
would get all the resources, while the Win32 client would still have to
share something.) If it helps, if it comes down to the CPU I use, I have an

    2. If it's feasible to move to the DOS client during my holidaying, am I
able to use the buffer files from my Win32 client and possibly move them
back afterwards? Or should I use the e-mail fetch/flush procedure instead?

And an unrelated question:

    3. From the DOS client readme file: -- "Note: DOS, Win16 and OS/2 ports
may squawk about a missing TZ= variable in the environment. Set it in your
autoexec (or wherever). For example: "SET TZ=EST+5" for eastern standard
time or "SET TZ=EST+5DST" when daylight savings time is in effect (ie in the
summer). If you live on the other side of the zero meridian, ie east of
Greenwich, England, your TZ will have a negative offset. For example CET-1
for Central European Time, or NZT-12 if you live in New Zealand." -- Why
does it appear the timezones are 'inverted'? Say, I thought Central European
would be +1, NZ +12, Eastern -5, not the other way round. Any explanations?

Thanks in advance.

J.. :)

Jonathan Ah Kit
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