[RC5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #275

Roby Van Hoye DeRoby at mail.dma.be
Sun Apr 11 23:00:41 EDT 1999

At 09:15 10/04/99 GMT, Kai Rode wrote:
>On Fri, 9 Apr 1999 16:20:54 -0400 (EDT), you wrote:
>>Hopefully D.Net will either:
>>1) start doing other projects that have foreseeable ends :
>>	1 a) re-do RC5-56 just to see how long it would take
>>	1 b) OGR -- whatever happened with that effort?
>There has recently been a .plan update which says that they have working
>code. However it is too late for OGR-22 which is almost completed. The
>coders of OGR-20 and OGR-21 released beta code to test their program,
>and suddenly they had about 1000 people working on OGR-22. Now they're
>almost done with OGR-22 while they're still officially only testing the
>program. :-) Maybe the dnet client will be ready for OGR-23.
>>	1 c) that Prime number contest that was announced recently by EFF
>IMHO not a very good idea. Checking just one possible prime number takes
>more than one week on a fast P-II. People with slower computers might
>lose interest if they don't see their stats increase for several weeks
>and we might lose many assigned numbers.

I'm not sure about that, it eases my work :-)
I've asked PrimeNet for 31 days worth of work, I'll have a look at the
machine in say 3 weeks, maybe :-) A pitty it can't do 'random primes'.

BTW : there's no way to divide the work in smaller bits ? We could do the
'factoring' part with dnet. Takes about a tenth of the work if I remember

Although at first it's strange to not have any results in weeks, I think it
to be much more exiting than rc64, I've  switched most machines, first
allowing the D.net buffers to be emptied as good as possible... I bet
others will follow, not for the money but for the 'usefullness'


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