[RC5] Rc5 getting old?

Matthew Gabeler-Lee msg2 at po.cwru.edu
Mon Apr 12 22:45:15 EDT 1999

Jadin M Hanson wrote:

> >RC5 is getting old. I'm looking forward to the OGR, or prime number
> >quest, if they ever begin.
> I think you're just used to the quick DES contest's. I think you have to
> make rc5 fun. Make sure you're on a team, that way you can compare stats
> are race with your friends (and or enemies). That makes it more enjoyable
> (hint, hint, the team summary listing could be fixed on the statsbox-ii
> couldn't it??) Also make goals for yourself. Try to keep your keyrate
> climbing, ask friends and relatives if you can install it onto their
> computers. Watch your keyrate grow and grow.
> My point is we can't please everyone with short attention-spans,
> (probably not even medium ones) but you just got to make it fun.

OK, quick math.  At the current rate of change, it will be over a year
before Slashdot pulls ahead of Evangelista.  If you're on a team that is
lower in the ranks, things move around more often.  Still, to be really
excited about rc5 requires an attention span measured in years.  Granted rc5
shouldn't stop, but something new to attract people's attention again would
definitely be a good idea.  I've known more than one person who was waiting
for the des contest to start quite eagerly, and as soon as it was over, the
d.net client was out the door.  Frankly, rc5 is boring.  And to keep one's
keyrate climbing, one has to keep installing the client on more systems.
For some people, this isn't an option.

Personally, I can sympathise with people that turn off the d.net client when
rc5 is the only thing running.  I'm torn between wanting to see my stats
ranking rise, and annoyance at staring at a 2.something load all the time.
I also find myself annoyed at programs that decrease my keyrate, and the
only real solution is to kill `pidof rc5des` so that the keyrate ceases to

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