[RC5] Rc5 getting old?

lunaslide lunaslide at pacbell.net
Mon Apr 12 19:56:27 EDT 1999

Jadin M Hanson wrote:
> >RC5 is getting old. I'm looking forward to the OGR, or prime number
> >quest, if they ever begin.
> I think you're just used to the quick DES contest's. I think you have to
> make rc5 fun. Make sure you're on a team, that way you can compare stats
> are race with your friends (and or enemies). That makes it more enjoyable
> (hint, hint, the team summary listing could be fixed on the statsbox-ii
> couldn't it??) Also make goals for yourself. Try to keep your keyrate
> climbing, ask friends and relatives if you can install it onto their
> computers. Watch your keyrate grow and grow.
> My point is we can't please everyone with short attention-spans,
> (probably not even medium ones) but you just got to make it fun.
> rc5 doesn't have to be old.
> It's only 500 days young.

*I* have a short attention span and I've been on this project for two
years and I am getting bored.  

But it's not just about bored.  It's about whether the purpose for this
project can be justified any longer.  The reason for the contest was to
prove that 64 bit encryption is not strong enough to protect important
information given the amount of processing power available today.  It's
true that there are machines out there that can break this encryption
much faster than we can.  But with this many machines being thrown at
the problem, and being constantly upgraded and added to, over two years
is really quite a long time to be working at this.  The only reason I
see in continuing is there being nothing to do until the next project,
and seti has just removed that reason for me at least.

Off to search for little green men,

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