[RC5] DOS vs. Win32: which one when I'm on holiday?

Ferb ferb at net999.com
Tue Apr 13 11:06:20 EDT 1999

>    1. If I am to be away from my PC for a while--say a few days to a week
>or two, is there any answer to whether I should use the DOS client or the
>Win32 client? 

	Go with the Win32 client, unless you have major memory leaks. I notice on
my K6 that after a week or two the keyrate begins to slowly creep
downwards. If you notice this to be a huge problem, by all means use the
DOS client, but i don't think this will eliminate the problem, just
postpone the symptoms.

>    2. If it's feasible to move to the DOS client during my holidaying, am I
>able to use the buffer files from my Win32 client and possibly move them
>back afterwards? Or should I use the e-mail fetch/flush procedure instead?

	I believe that all of the same build of clients have the same buffer
files. If this is the case, in and out buffers are easily portable from one
client to another.

>    3. From the DOS client readme file: -- "Note: DOS, Win16 and OS/2 ports
>may squawk about a missing TZ= variable in the environment. Set it in your
>autoexec (or wherever). 
>Say, I thought Central European
>would be +1, NZ +12, Eastern -5, not the other way round. Any explanations?

	Seems to me it's looking at it backwards. Instead of saying that EST is 5
hours behind GMT, it's saying that if you're in New York the people in
Greenwich are five hours ahead. It's all being compared back to GMT, rather
than correcting by looking at your time zone from the perspective of England.

Andrew Ferbert

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