[RC5] Rc5 getting old?

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Wed Apr 14 04:03:00 EDT 1999

-> OK, quick math.  At the current rate of change, it will be over a year
-> before Slashdot pulls ahead of Evangelista.  If you're on a team that is
-> lower in the ranks, things move around more often.  Still, to be really
-> excited about rc5 requires an attention span measured in years.  Granted rc5
-> shouldn't stop, but something new to attract people's attention again would
-> definitely be a good idea.  I've known more than one person who was waiting

        Speaking of stats, whatever happened to the periodic stats posting of
the RC5 project as a whole?  I.e. the messages that contained things like:
current cracking rate in gigakeys, at the current rate the key space will be
exhausted in x days, at the current rate of growth the key space will be
exhausted in x days, etc etc.

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