[RC5] Rc5 getting old?

Tom Garner trgarner at yta.attmil.ne.jp
Wed Apr 14 07:04:54 EDT 1999

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You have hit the nail on the head.  I also, have an attention-span,
but then, that is why I recently turned OFF the display tray of D.Net
on my Windoz computer.  

I no longer see D.Net running, gave up caring about key rate this and
that.  It doesn't matter to me anymore.  However, what does matter is
the fact that I'm NOT QUITTING.  

So to those out there that say 2 years is too long, So what?  If its
cracked in 5 years, are you going to say that 5 years is a good
time-span?  What if it took 10 years, so WHAT?  That IS THE POINT of
this project.  As more/more computers come online, there will be a
better/better chance of finding that magic key.

My question to D.Net is, on your Statbox, can you also give a ratio of
how many computers are running vs how many are quitting?  Or maybe
something else to compare New people vs Old people Vs people add more
machines?  Just throwing ideas up, maybe that can help out.

I also find the SETI project of a humorous note, reading the previous
posts that state that SETI is MORE worthwhile project, my comment to
you is this, what will happen after two years?  Are you going to get
bored with that?  Do you THINK that SETI will tell you that they FOUND
something?  Or do you think they might just say "line noise" and rush
off to do their own 1st Contact?   I've looked at their site briefly
and haven't really READ it (maybe I should...), but I don't want to
turn this into the SETI D.Net site, so you can just bombard me via

Any thoughts?

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My point is we can't please everyone with short attention-spans,
(probably not even medium ones) but you just got to make it fun. 

rc5 doesn't have to be old.
It's only 500 days young.

We'll make it.
we will!
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