[RC5] I'm After more PCs and looking for RC5-64 News stories

David Cantrell david at wirestation.co.uk
Wed Apr 14 21:28:41 EDT 1999

Aaron Kramer asked:

> Has anyone put rc5-64/des client _AND_ an OS onto a bootable floppy?
> Which OS? Did it fit? Was it much of a hassle swapping keys on and off?
> Lessons learned?

Yes.  Linux.  Of course it fitted - if it didn't I wouldn't be saying 
I'd done it.  No hassle at all with keys, as the machines are 
networked.  They're all acting as routers in their spare time.

Now I have a question:

One of my machines is running a perproxy to avoid bringing my ISDN line 
up all the time whenever a machine finishes a set of blocks.  For the 
CPU-type and OS-type stats, will my blocks be credited to the OS and 
CPU of the perproxy, or does it preserve the OS/CPU data from the 

Just interested :)


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