[RC5] I'm After more PCs and looking for RC5-64 News stories

Adam C Luter gryn at gryn.dyn.marko.net
Wed Apr 14 13:05:32 EDT 1999

You could do it with a Linux boot floppy.  The linux cli is about 600k.
I'd use 2 disks, pick any network mini-distribution (e.g. at freshmeat.net,
trinux,tomsrtbt,etc.) and just add your second disk with rc5des on it.
You only need the first to boot, and the second can have a small script
that makes a ramdisk for the rc5 client and installs/runs it there, then
you don't need either disk for the rest of the computer bootup.

If the computers had no network, you could make another script that would
copy the keys off a computer onto a 3rd disk.  Then you could go around
the room doing that once a day, but you could lose alot of work since this
is all done in a ram disk (though if you had HD/net space you could tell
rc5des to use that drive for storing keys).


> 1) Has anyone put rc5-64/des client _AND_ an OS onto a bootable floppy?
> Which OS? Did it fit? Was it much of a hassle swapping keys on and off?
> Lessons learned?

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