[RC5] DOS vs. Win32: which one when I'm on holiday?

No minge at connect4free.net
Thu Apr 15 11:51:05 EDT 1999

>    1. If I am to be away from my PC for a while--say a few days to a week
>or two, is there any answer to whether I should use the DOS client or the
>Win32 client? (I'm thinking about this in that I would guess the DOS client
>would get all the resources, while the Win32 client would still have to
>share something.) If it helps, if it comes down to the CPU I use, I have an
>AMD K6.

I always use the DOS client when I know I'm not going to use the machine for
a long period.  It's key rate is higher than the Win32 clients.  It uses the
same buffer files, so not much inconvience either.

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