[RC5] Rc5 getting old?

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Wed Apr 14 20:29:41 EDT 1999

They are dreaming.

You see, any project like this will have a "curve". What I mean is, they
will not get lots of cracking power at start: so, SETI: don't think you'll
have the estimated 100.000 clients running on the first day. I think they
will reach this mark with 6 months or so, if ever.

If they reach success, yes, they will probably "extend" this 2 year
timeframe. SETI needs publicity. They also need credit and funding. This
project is their fine time to reach as much people as they ever wanted. This
project is also a good oportunitiy not to really find something, but to show
everybody that it works... sort of. All my machines working on RC5 will
continue to do their jobs. But yes, I will install the ss anyway, on two or
three machines at home. :-)


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]On Wed, 14 Apr 1999, Tom Garner wrote:
]> I also find the SETI project of a humorous note, reading the previous
]> posts that state that SETI is MORE worthwhile project, my comment to
]> you is this, what will happen after two years?  Are you going to get
]According to the SETI at home FAQ the SETI project will only run for 2
]years, then shut down.  Though I have a feeling if they attract lots of
]people they may try to run more 'historical' data through the clients.
]> bored with that?  Do you THINK that SETI will tell you that 
]they FOUND
]> something?  Or do you think they might just say "line noise" and rush
]> off to do their own 1st Contact?   I've looked at their site briefly
]> and haven't really READ it (maybe I should...), but I don't want to
]> turn this into the SETI D.Net site, so you can just bombard me via
]> email...
]They claim somewhere in your FAQ that you may, if you wish, be 
]listed as a
]'co-finder' (or something) if they find life.  So yes, I would 
]assume they
]would inform you.
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