[RC5] Rc5 getting old?

Attila Csipa bear at tippnet.co.yu
Fri Apr 16 14:39:09 EDT 1999

On Thu, 15 Apr 1999 01:38:40 +0200
Markus Landgren <marla252 at student.liu.se> wrote:

> world forever. Finding "The Key" in rc5-64 won't. Besides, the fact
> that we _know_ the key is there makes the search less exciting.

I have talked to a lot of people about the rc5 contest in the past years
and it seems to me that the  fact that we _know_ that there is a key had
a positive effect on people. Many said that it running a program on a
'what if there is' basis simply isn't worth the trouble for them. On the
tech part I still think that  the distributed.net approach (idle time
client) is superior to a screen saver in 90% of the cases. In my opinion
it's a pity that such a project is not linked in some way to
distributed.net, so people could use the same clients and choose the
project of their liking (the way OGR is supposed to be). This way the
SETI at home team is in a good part developing what distributed.net already
developed in the field on Internet based distributed processing.

Attila Csipa
Team Prometheus coordinator
Distributed.net regional representative for Yugoslavia

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