[RC5] Rc5 getting old?

Roby Van Hoye DeRoby at mail.dma.be
Fri Apr 16 13:56:54 EDT 1999

At 01:38 15/04/99 +0200, Markus Landgren wrote:
>At 17:44 1999-04-14 +0100, David Taylor wrote:
>>According to the SETI at home FAQ the SETI project will only run for 2
>>years, then shut down.  Though I have a feeling if they attract lots of
>>people they may try to run more 'historical' data through the clients.
>If SETI at home works out like it should, I'm confident they'll
>record new data for analysis. Probably in other frequency bands.
>I don't think they'll send out any older recordings. In SETI you
>want to minimize the time from a first detection to the follow-up
>detections. Like in all science; if a result is impossible to
>repeat, it didn't happen. In fact, the several weeks from recording
>to analysis is probably the weakest point in the SETI at home project.

I was thinking the same thing. On the other hand, since they are recording
signals for 2 years they should be able to scan the tapes for reoccurrences.

>And to bring the subject line into my message: I think rc5 is
>boring. I'm switching to SETI at home as soon as a windows client is
>available. Finding extra-terrestrial intelligence would change the
>world forever. Finding "The Key" in rc5-64 won't. Besides, the fact
>that we _know_ the key is there makes the search less exciting.

Grin, check out GIMPS if you prefer a contest where you do not know IF
there is an answer :)


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