[RC5] Active Desktop

Adam Zilinskas AZilinskas at SolutionsIQ.com
Thu Apr 15 14:17:49 EDT 1999

David Illsley Wrote:
>I was looking at the never-used feature of Windows 9x, Active
> Desktop, and I have thought up a possible use. Would it 
> be possible to write an Active desktop component that 
> could show your current stats, and the overall stats
> in general. 

Not sure if this is what you want but you can put automatically
 updated web pages on the desktop background. I do this 
 to put an weather radar image for my area on my desktop that
 updates ever hour when I am at work.

Firstoff it helps that you have an always on internet connection.

Lets see:
* Make sure desktop is set for View as web Page
* In the display properties goto the Web tab
  (or Active_desktop->Customize_my_Desktop)
* Click New and say no for the Gallery objects.
  Enter the URL 
  Of course, correct the RC5 email address to yours.
* Clicking on OK, You may want to adjust the subcription 
  to something like Every Weekday, Update at 3:00AM
* adjust the image shape on the desktop (you have to have the
  mouse over the image so that a gray box show up, you then 
  reshape the gray box like any other window).

But this is not very exciting.

                  Adam Zilinskas
                  Solutions IQ
                  azilinskas at solutionsiq.com

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