[RC5] Active Desktop

Scott Campbell pondafarr at microgear.net
Fri Apr 16 01:04:18 EDT 1999

I've got a active desktop them that uses a Java app that counts down various
Mars exploration probe launch/flyby/recovery times.

I see no problem with building a Java app that reads the log file, gets a
stats dump from the stats server ( I believe a raw data output has been
mentioned in the stats server capabilities) , and integrates it into a html
output of some type (which would be the Active Desktop wallpaper) . If I had
any idea how to do this, I would. It would be alot more interesting than
manually digging into my log file every day to see my key rate, or dealing
with a sometimes cantankerous stats page.

Scott Campbell
1/2 of a sharp wit (the dull half)

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