[RC5] DOS Client

Greg Lee tatsu at tatsu.dynip.com
Thu Apr 15 18:31:06 EDT 1999

What can be done is have the client hook the timer IRQ and would get
called a few times a second. Each time it would check a limited number of
key then return for other stuff to run. The problem would be that the
client would always take the same amount of cpu time no matter what else
was going on. So with the BBS if you suddenly got busy for some reason the
BBS would slow down, not the client.

The client would need to have support for a TSR mode added, which I don't 
think will ever happen.

On Wed, 14 Apr 1999, Hugo Villeneuve wrote:

-It can't be done. In DOS there is only one process running at any time
-(the foreground process or command.com). TSR stay in memory but doesn't
-get any processor time. 
-They can attach themself to IRQs so that they can get executed when an
-external event trigger an IRQ, the CPU then drop every thing he's doing
-and execute the code.
-Or they modify or add entries to the dos interuption table to make their
-services available for other program. Other program have to call the
-interuption to get the service. A lot of services are made available in
-this way by the DOS.
-I could be wrong, I'm not an expert.
-Hugo Villeneuve
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