[RC5] DOS Client

Scott Dodson Scott.dodson at bozax.iainc.net
Sat Apr 17 02:57:30 EDT 1999

> What can be done is have the client hook the timer IRQ and would get
> called a few times a second. Each time it would check a limited number of
> key then return for other stuff to run. The problem would be that the
> client would always take the same amount of cpu time no matter what else
> was going on. So with the BBS if you suddenly got busy for some reason the
> BBS would slow down, not the client.
> The client would need to have support for a TSR mode added, which I don't
> think will ever happen.

What about a multitasker, most bbs systems that are not running tbbs, or
other large bbs software packages, run multi taskers, why not just run a
task with the client?

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