[RC5] what about OGR?

Rich Mays rmays at vt.edu
Fri Apr 16 08:44:22 EDT 1999

About the time of the last DES contest, I think, they announced plans to
make OGR part of the client.  I followed the links (because I was curious
about OGR), and I found that the code to generate the data wasn't all that
difficult to make.  I had a working program in about four hours, and I
optimized it in about three days (not working on my code the whole time, of
course).  Does anyone know when we can expect OGR to work??  Im looking
forward to this, because I, like MANY other poeple, am simply getting tired
of RC5.  It's simply taking too long.

It still amazes me that d.net can synchronize millions of computers and
have them work towards a single goal, but when it takes two years to do 4%
of the job, how practical is it?  I might be missing the point, though...
Compared to a lot of you, I'm a newbie at this (something like 220 days
working).  But I'm still interested in Distributed computing.  There's a
lot of potential in this.

Anyways, before I get off the subject again, does anyone have any inside
information on OGR that they wouldn't mind posting (anything about the
possible time that it is made part of the client), that'd be great.  And
i'm sure many other people would feel all tingly inside, too.  :-)


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