[RC5] what about OGR?

Greg Hewgill greg at hewgill.com
Sat Apr 17 14:04:21 EDT 1999

On Fri, Apr 16, 1999 at 07:44:22AM -0400, Rich Mays wrote:
> forward to this, because I, like MANY other poeple, am simply getting tired
> of RC5.  It's simply taking too long.
> Anyways, before I get off the subject again, does anyone have any inside
> information on OGR that they wouldn't mind posting (anything about the
> possible time that it is made part of the client), that'd be great.

I have just posted my OGR todo list on the following page:


This will be the best place to find updates on the OGR project. When the size
of this list drops to zero (or a suitably small number of items), expect beta
testing to begin. My .plan also points to this page.

> about OGR), and I found that the code to generate the data wasn't all that
> difficult to make.  I had a working program in about four hours, and I
> optimized it in about three days (not working on my code the whole time, of
> course).  Does anyone know when we can expect OGR to work??

The OGR algorithm itself was pretty straightforward to build. The difficulty
comes from integrating the OGR project into the client, proxies (personal and
full proxies), the master, and stats. All previous distributed.net projects
have been crypto-based, which is a lot different from the OGR project.

Crypto based projects deal with a linear list of keys to test - there is a
precise number of keys to test, and each one must be tested. The OGR algorithm
implements a search tree - there is no fixed list of tree branches to try.
I wrote up a page a while ago on the differences between crypto and OGR, see
the following page:


Greg Hewgill
distributed.net Coding Team

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