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Paul Turpie turpie at pmail.net
Mon Apr 19 15:25:58 EDT 1999

This gave me idea.  I run an offline proxy here at work, and usually
it's buffer files to my non-networked PC to transfer blocks.  But when I
can't do
an update for a while because of things like holidays or real work
the proxies buff-out file gets too big for a floppy.  When this happens I
have to
lug my modem, its power supply and cable across to our other building, so
the proxy can transfer its blocks.
What would save me a lot of trouble would be a buff-out splitter so I could
a 1400Kb chunk of blocks at a time back to my own PC for submission.
Replenishing buff-in is easier because in my situation I just wait until its
before I replace buff-in with a new full file, and just let the clients
generate a few
random blocks in the mean time.
Another problem I have when buff-out gets too big, is that even after I get
proxy to update its buffers the buff-out file stays at its extra inflated
size.  This
would make sense if the file was only going to fill to that size again, but
in my
case means I need remember to delete the empty buff-out.  This problem
could be avoided if there were a -compact option for the proxies.

Paul Turpie
System Administrator
Brian Dunn Bendigo
E-mail Personal: turpie at pemail.net
E-mail Work: pault at briandunnford.com.au
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Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 13:56:48 -0700
From: Charles Franks <Charlz at lvcablemodem.com>
Subject: Handy Utilities webpage??  Was Re: [RC5] Log analiser

I know that I have seen at least a few requests along these lines.  Is there
a 'Handy Utilities webpage' on d.net or anywhere else? If not, should there
be?? This would be a good avenue for people who are looking for utilities
like this and for people who like to write them  :)  (Who knows maybe
would finally write a handy utility to combine two buff-in files into one!!
:P    )   Of course this would also mean that someone would have to maintain
the page as well.

Just my two cents


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