Handy Utilities webpage?? Was Re: [RC5] Log analiser

David Taylor davidt at xfiles.nildram.co.uk
Mon Apr 19 17:48:12 EDT 1999

On Sat, 17 Apr 1999, Robert A. Rosenberg wrote:

> >I know that I have seen at least a few requests along these lines.  Is there
> >a 'Handy Utilities webpage' on d.net or anywhere else? If not, should there
> >be?? This would be a good avenue for people who are looking for utilities
> >like this and for people who like to write them  :)  (Who knows maybe someone
> >would finally write a handy utility to combine two buff-in files into one!!

In fact in the new (440) clients there is another option:
  -import <filename> import packets in <filename> into the client's 

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