[RC5] Thoughts on Stats and Inactive Users

Ben Fletcher ben.fletcher at ibm.net
Mon Apr 19 07:20:33 EDT 1999

(As a relative newcomer to d.net, let me apologize in advance if this
question belongs in another place or has already been answered

As an encouragement to newcomers like myself, I think that it would be
better if the stats page rankings did not include those people who have
been inactive, for say, 30 days or more.  Their numbers could be
preserved and revived if they rejoined the effort, but the rankings
would include only those people who have contributed within the last

The reason I say it would be encouraging to newcomers is that we would
start out much higher (instead of 160k+) and be "competing" with "live"
participants instead of those who've lost interest.

It would also be, in my opinion, rewarding to those who have stuck with
it.  I've been following the talk of boredom with RC5 and I think that
this approach would be applicable to any project undertaken.

I realize there are probably more important areas that need addressing,
but encouraging the ~300 new contributors/day to stick with it could
have a significant impact on our overall effort.


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