[RC5] Tree search algorithms and the next d.net

David Cantrell david at wirestation.co.uk
Tue Apr 20 00:07:24 EDT 1999

Adam Zilinskas said:

> I am thinking of place and route algorithms for circuits and streets
>  etc. Problems like simulated thermal annealing and finite element
>  work where parts of the problem can be dumped on the collective
>  to work upon as cycles free up. A client would not be just cracking
>  a code, but might be doing pieces of 20 or 30 tasks at a time.

This suffers from the same problem as we found when talking about 
distributed graphics rendering.  The customers DEMAND a particular turn-
around time; they DEMAND reliability.  D.net can provide neither.

On the subject of rendering, for all of you who've contacted me over 
the past few months wanting info on my seperate rendering project - I 
haven't forgotten about you, just that there's nothing to report cos 
I've been working stupid hours over the last month or so.

I promise to get back to riding the render-ranch real soon ;-)

David - http://www.ThePentagon.com/NukeEmUp

" First, there are no rules; second, if you break any of
  them, you will be treated to some classic British sarcasm "
   From the uk.rec.climbing FAQ

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