[RC5] Thoughts on Stats and Inactive Users

Zorba the Hutt kryten at halcyon.com
Mon Apr 19 23:17:11 EDT 1999

>I persoannly would be against this, a lot of people who I know, who
>participate frequently don't flush their buufers so that they can build up
>a lot of blocks so that when they do flush they appear in the top ten.
>When you say that these people shouldn't be included in the stats - do you
>mean that they should be deleted?  What if poeple stopped participating,
>for what ever reason, and then decided to continue?

I'm assuming you mean the top ten for "blocks submitted today" - naturally
they wouldn't show up in that list anyway if they don't submit anything.
They wouldn't be deleted, they would just not show up in the rankings - but
if they submitted a block (or a few thousand blocks) they would show up
again, until of course they were quiet for a month (or however long the
period is). Their stats page would probably say something like "You would be
at rank #1827 if you had submitted any blocks, which you have not done for
89 days" instead of the current "You are at rank #1827 and you have not
submitted any blocks for 89 days" (or something like that).


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