[RC5] Thoughts on Stats & "Block Hoarders"

Bill Broecker dpbill at michiana.org
Mon Apr 19 18:24:05 EDT 1999

Here's my $.02:

If I understand things correctly (and probably don't), older clients
(everything older than 440?) use(d) a LIFO buffer system.  In this case, one
of these "block hoarders" could be sitting on THE finished key, but may not
turn it in for some lengthy period of time, because they want to see their
name at the top of the stats.

As well, if they keep buffering new blocks, or acquired a huge qty of blocks
a long time ago, but don't regularly complete every block in the input
buffer and flush them, they could be sitting on THE key for who knows how

Seems to me (again, I could be all wrong here) that we'd like to see every
participant regularly consume all blocks in the input buffer, and submit
them on a regular basis.  I've been going out of my way to be sure I
complete all of the blocks in the input buffer on a regular (at least
weekly) basis.  Additionally, if I take a computer out of service, I make it
finish the input buffer, and flush the output buffer.

d.net staff: Jump in any time here...

Bill Broecker
dpbill at michiana.org

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From: Matt Darnley <matt at linc.ox.ac.uk>
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Sent: Monday, April 19, 1999 1:57 PM
Subject: Re: [RC5] Thoughts on Stats and Inactive Users

>> As an encouragement to newcomers like myself, I think that it would be
>> better if the stats page rankings did not include those people who have
>> been inactive, for say, 30 days or more.  Their numbers could be
>> preserved and revived if they rejoined the effort, but the rankings
>> would include only those people who have contributed within the last
>> month.

> I personally would be against this, a lot of people who I know, who
> participate frequently don't flush their buffers so that they can build up
> a lot of blocks so that when they do flush they appear in the top ten.
> Matt Darnley

Computing Officer
Lincoln College
University of Oxford
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