[RC5] Thoughts on Stats and Inactive Users

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Subject: [RC5] Thoughts on Stats and Inactive Users
> (As a relative newcomer to d.net, let me apologise in advance if this
> question belongs in another place or has already been answered elsewhere.)
As someone who has been with distributed.net for some time (all of RC-56
& 64 at various employers and email addresses) :-), I don't think this
has been answered fully.

> As an encouragement to newcomers like myself, I think that it would be
> better if the stats page rankings did not include those people who have
> been inactive, for say, 30 days or more.  Their numbers could be
> preserved and revived if they rejoined the effort, but the rankings
> would include only those people who have contributed within the last
> month.
This seems like a very good answer to the problem - I still have to live
around the 60k mark as I've only ever got two machines involved - I'd like
to involve more, but that would involve some subterfuge, which I am
(obviously) unwilling to commit.
The blocks of those inactive for over 30 days are already stored, and with
this scheme inactive people would automatically rejoin the stats at the
appropriate level upon submitting more blocks.

> I realise there are probably more important areas that need addressing,
> but encouraging the ~300 new contributors/day to stick with it could
> have a significant impact on our overall effort.
Of those 300+ per day, making a change to the stats reporting could mean
that we hold on to more newcomers each time. (You might say that the
recidivism rate would be increased) ;-)

[Main Entry: re·cid·i·vism
Pronunciation: ri-'si-d&-"vi-z&m
Function: noun
Date: 1886
: a tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behaviour;
especially : relapse into criminal behaviour
] http://www.facstaff.bucknell.edu/rbeard/diction.html

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