[RC5] Thoughts on Stats & "Block Hoarders"

bullicante bullicante at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 20 17:14:03 EDT 1999

Block hoarding doesn't matter.  The only thing that matters is the
keyrate.  Why?  Because the correct key could be anywhere.  Suppose
there are only 16 keys and two decoders that can test a key in 1
minute.  One decoder picks 2 keys and sits on them.  The other decoder
is left with the remaining 14 keys.  How long on average will it take to
find the correct key?  The odds are 2 out of 16 the hoarder will get the
correct key, in which case the other decoder will take 15 or 16 minutes
to solve it.  But the odds are 14 out of 16 that it will be solved in 14
minutes or less.  (2/16)*((15+16)/2) + (14/16)*((1+2+..+14)/14) = 8.5. 
Suppose the hoarder takes 4 keys: (4/16)*((13+14+15+16)/4) +
(12/16)*((1+2+...12)/12) = 8.5.

Bill Broecker wrote:
> Here's my $.02:
> If I understand things correctly (and probably don't), older clients
> (everything older than 440?) use(d) a LIFO buffer system.  In this case, one
> of these "block hoarders" could be sitting on THE finished key, but may not
> turn it in for some lengthy period of time, because they want to see their
> name at the top of the stats.

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