[RC5] Thoughts on Stats and Inactive Users

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Tue Apr 20 20:42:13 EDT 1999

I also agree with that.

Stats are a very good reason to keep up running, well, at least, another
good reason. Please, don't take me wrong, I don't think that it is cool to
run D.Net just to have a nice stat ranking, but as you said, a stats info,
with location (say, country, or: "you were the xxth person in your country
yesterday"), operating systems (please come back!!), Platform (come back

Anyway, I look to the stats EVERY single day. Not to figure out how many
clients I just passed, but to try to figure out why I did more or less
blocks than a day before. I had a problem once, when I only discovered that
some clients were dead after looking at the stats. Most of my contribution
comes from hidden clients, and I don't use to "tweak" with them frequently.

Romulo Moacyr Cholewa
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]>> As an encouragement to newcomers like myself, I think that 
]it would be
]>> better if the stats page rankings did not include those 
]people who have
]>> been inactive, for say, 30 days or more. [snip]
]> Actually, if you look at it a different way, keeping 
]everyone in the database
]> can be a good motivator too. [snip]
]I agree with you both, so how about two (or more) rankings? An overall
]ranking and a last month ranking? Other interesting rankings could be
]invented... by processor type, os, geographical region, network
]connectivity, sexual preference, etc. All these would help maintain
]interest during these long dry periods and provide excellent flame
]war ordinance ("If you say Linux is so good, how come the Australian
]vegetarians have completed so many blocks with OS/390?").
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