[RC5] The -pausefile option

Samuel Chow Samuel.Chow at cgy.valmet.com
Thu Apr 22 09:59:59 EDT 1999

Hi there,

	I am running the solaris-ultra-mt client.  I
	wrote a little script to pause the client when
	the load on the machine is greater than
	some number (using uptime to check).

	I have noticed that the client does indeed
	pause for a day or two.  After that, the
	client ignore the present of the pause file
	and keeping on running even when the
	pause file is there.

	Anyone else notice that?

Samuel Chow	
Systems Analyst
Valmet Automation				
samuelc at cgy.valmet.com
Switchboard: (403)253-8848		Fax: (403)259-2926

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