[RC5] Thoughts on Stats & "Block Hoarders"

Chris Eaton tridus at inforamp.net
Wed Apr 21 17:48:08 EDT 1999

At 06:24 PM 19/04/99 , you wrote:
>If I understand things correctly (and probably don't), older clients
>(everything older than 440?) use(d) a LIFO buffer system.  In this case, one
>of these "block hoarders" could be sitting on THE finished key, but may not
>turn it in for some lengthy period of time, because they want to see their
>name at the top of the stats.

Yes that is about right. Its a couple of months actually. At that point the
master keyserver starts re-sending blocks that were sent out but never came
back. So if someone hordes their buffers for six months, most likely those
blocks will already be done by time he submits them finally.

>As well, if they keep buffering new blocks, or acquired a huge qty of blocks
>a long time ago, but don't regularly complete every block in the input
>buffer and flush them, they could be sitting on THE key for who knows how

Yup, thats right too. Except it would get reissued in a couple of months.

>Seems to me (again, I could be all wrong here) that we'd like to see every
>participant regularly consume all blocks in the input buffer, and submit
>them on a regular basis.  I've been going out of my way to be sure I
>complete all of the blocks in the input buffer on a regular (at least
>weekly) basis.  Additionally, if I take a computer out of service, I make it
>finish the input buffer, and flush the output buffer.

And again, thats right. I do the same thing, but its not really all that
important because blocks will get re-issued. And its a moot point now with the
FIFO buffers.

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Blizzard contact your friends and relatives every few days and let
them know the reason you haven't been around."

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