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David McNett nugget at distributed.net
Fri Apr 23 09:23:03 EDT 1999

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Since the inception of distributed.net, Adam Beberg has been an asset of
tremendous value to the team.  However, given the fact that he has
reached a critical point in the development of Cosm, it has become
increasingly clear that Adam's time is being spread amongst too many
tasks.  As Cosm is his main focus, it is unfair of distributed.net to
ask Adam to continue in his capacity as President of distributed.net;
this is a volunteer effort, and to presume upon anyone is directly
contrary to the spirit in which we embarked upon this joint enterprise.

It has also become clear to us that Adam's goals for Cosm and
distributed.net's vision of its future differ enough to justify this
parting of ways.  Adam is very motivated about seeing the system he's
designed, Cosm, implemented and put into production.  True to its name,
distributed.net is more focused on seeing what can result from a truly
open and distributed continuing development effort.  While each of these
respective approaches is viable in its own right, attempting to
co-mingle them has proven to be counterproductive.

Each design philosophy has merits, and there is certainly ample room for
both efforts to continue to prosper and grow.  We wish Adam the best
of luck in his endeavors, and have no doubt that when Cosm comes to
fruition it will be a testament to the dedication and effort we have
come to expect from him.

As for distributed.net, we have plenty to be excited about.  With the
upcoming point-release introducing our third project, OGR, and with other
initiatives to be detailed in a series of forthcoming announcements, we
continue to work towards realizing our collective vision of expanding the
uses of distributed computing into new areas.

David McNett has been asked by the Board of DCTI to serve as acting
President, and Jim Nasby has been named as interim Comptroller.  Both
will serve terms of 120 days, during which time a number of new
initiatives will be launched in order to allow distributed.net to move
forward in an expeditious matter.  We will be holding elections for all
officers and Board positions at the end of that period; in the meantime,
we ask that you watch the distributed.net Web site, mailing lists, and
IRC channel for details on how you can participate even more in helping
accomplish our vision.

Once again, thank you all for your ongoing support and contributions to
our joint enterprise.  Without you, the distributed.net membership,
none of this would be possible, and we shall continually strive to
expand the opportunities for your participation in the challenges and
opportunities which lie ahead.

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