[RC5] [ADMIN] A look towards the future

Dave Marquardt marquard at zilker.net
Fri Apr 23 23:44:31 EDT 1999

David McNett <nugget at distributed.net> writes:
> designed, Cosm, implemented and put into production.  True to its name,
> distributed.net is more focused on seeing what can result from a truly
> open and distributed continuing development effort.  While each of these

One of the problems I've had with distributed.net and the rc5 clients
is that it isn't particularly open.  I volunteered numerous times to
help port the latest rc5 clients to AIX (I work as an AIX TCP/IP
kernel hacker for IBM, so I do know *something* about AIX) and was
told that access to the code was limited.  That doesn't seem open to
me.  I hope distributed.net will reconsider restrictive policies like


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