[RC5] A look towards the future (?)

Richard Menedetter ricsi at bigfoot.com
Sat Apr 24 03:04:17 EDT 1999

Hi Greg

Greg Hewgill <greg at hewgill.com> wrote:

 >> From these last two emails, am I to gather that d-net has "split"
 >> efforts and that there will be no V3 (a la OGR, etc) dnet client?!

 GH> The distributed.net OGR project is unaffected by the split between
 GH> distributed.net and Adam Beberg.
Sorry to say so ... but I don't care about the OGR Project.

The thing I want very much is a client, which can participate in many

Eg I have a common interafce, where I can plugin code.
(eg for seti at home, or rc5, or mersenne prime number search)

 GH> The OGR project is scheduled to be included in a version 2.8 client.
 GH> OGR was not intended to be a "v3-only" project.
I see it the other way round.
I don't care about OGR, but a V3 client is VERY essential.

What are the new plans for v3 ... will it have the capability to exchange the
projects ... (eg change between many projects)

 GH> Greg Hewgill
 GH> distributed.net Coding Team

CU, Ricsi

Richard Menedetter <ricsi at bigfoot.com> [ICQ: 7659421] {PGP Key available}

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