[RC5] If you were writing our next client, what would you put in it?

Jim C. Nasby jim at nasby.net
Fri Apr 23 19:42:05 EDT 1999

With our new forward momentum and renewed enthusiasm, distributed.net
is finally in a position to begin a new era of open development.
What this means is that we envision all of distributed.net working
together to define the protocols and code that will become the
distributed.net of the future.

This new development model will begin in the very near future, just as
soon as we've established exactly how to support and coordinate such
an effort.  So, before we can begin, we need to resolve exactly where
we wish to go with this development effort.

If you had a blank sheet of paper to start with, what goals would you
have for a next generation distributed.net protocol?  What do you
envision for our future?

I will tally the results next week and post it. Feel free to email your
ideas to this list or to decibel at distributed.net.  Please provide an
brief description of what your idea is and include any supporting
material.  I would prefer to focus on features and concepts at this
stage, rather than jump too far ahead into implementation details.

An example would be:

Self-updating clients: The clients should be able to update themselves,
both for using new cores and updating the client itself when new
come out.  This would obviously have to be done in a secure manner.

We look forward to hearing your ideas. Thanks again for your continued


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