[RC5] Cosm and distributed.net

David Taylor rc5 at xfiles.nildram.co.uk
Fri Apr 23 19:21:12 EDT 1999

On Thu, 22 Apr 1999, Adam L. Beberg wrote:

> So the DCTI board has decided that it would be best for DCTI if Cosm and the 
> related technology and people go our separate way. And so, as of today, Cosm 
> and myself are no longer associated with DCTI.
> Cosm phase 1 has been well underway for quite some time, as you can see from 
> the Cosm web site at http://www.mithral.com/~beberg/cosm/. The design is all 
> ready to go, and several chapters of the documentation are well under way. 
> It is rapidly approaching the point where source development will go public 
> (the goal is May 1st). The next step is to finish off some more 
> documentation, the license, and a few more headers. The only thing holding 
> up progress at this point is the speed at which everything can be 
> documented.

Erm, so for the past year or so, I have been waiting for distributed.net
to release v3, with all the various features which were what recently
convinced me not to switch to SETI at home, which currently is substantially
more 'fun' than hacking away for years at a task which has actually
*proved* 64 bit encryption is VERY strong, when our goal is to show how
weak the encryption is.

Does this mean, as I assume it means, that distributed.net will keep going
with the same old v2.x clients it has just now, which are quite good
(certainly better than the current beta of setiathome), but lack certain
useful features, which v3 was going to provide?

Original intention or not, I feel slightly.. cheated.. by the promise of
something, which will still come, yet will not be associated with d.net..
What exactly will Cosm do? If it is not the distributed.net client, how
exactly will it get users? If it will be an entirely seperate effort, that
makes me choose between SETI at home (my new favourite), distributed.net, or
Cosm... Hmm.. Great.

David Taylor
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