[RC5] If you were writing our next client, what would you put in it?

Barry Nathan barryn at pobox.com
Sat Apr 24 00:37:59 EDT 1999

"Jim C. Nasby" wrote:
> If you had a blank sheet of paper to start with, what goals would you
> have for a next generation distributed.net protocol?  What do you
> envision for our future?

Well, it **must** be open source, so that people don't run into the "I can't
see the source therefore I can't trust it" problem. It needs to be done in a
way that avoids the sabotage problems we had back at v1, though (the
Portuguese-profanity block spammer comes to mind).

Also, for crypto projects, a way to split and join buffer files easily would
be nice (to fix situations where one computer has too many blocks buffered,
another has too few, and swapping the buffer files won't make things much
better, and other similar situations).

(I'm a bit tired, so I'm not completely convinced that this email makes sense
completely or is coherent - but I tried...)

-Barry Nathan <barryn at pobox.com>

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