[RC5] If you were writing our next client, what would you put in it?

Ralph Reid ralph at fingers.shocking.com
Sat Apr 24 07:17:52 EDT 1999

Jim C. Nasby fell across a keyboard, resulting in:
>With our new forward momentum and renewed enthusiasm, distributed.net
>is finally in a position to begin a new era of open development.
>What this means is that we envision all of distributed.net working
>together to define the protocols and code that will become the
>distributed.net of the future.
> [ . . .]
>If you had a blank sheet of paper to start with, what goals would you
>have for a next generation distributed.net protocol?  What do you
>envision for our future?

How about including a utility to check the status of blocks or other
information stored in working files?  (For rc5des, these files are
usually buff-in.rc5, buff-out.rc5, and sometimes a checkpoint file).
The code for at least some information seems to be embedded in rc5des
already, but the client has to be started to get any info on any
files.  Maybe another command line option for the client would do
the job?

>We look forward to hearing your ideas. Thanks again for your continued

You're welcome.

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