[RC5] If you were writing our next client, what would you put in it?

Sebastian Bergmann bergman at informatik.uni-bonn.de
Sat Apr 24 10:22:41 EDT 1999

"Jim C. Nasby" schrieb:
> If you had a blank sheet of paper to start with, what goals would you
> have for a next generation distributed.net protocol?  What do you
> envision for our future?

As I said in my reply to another mail herein today:
 "It would be great to have *one* client eg. for rc5-64 / des and
  seti at home, where you can make a configuration like: "Use 75% of idle cpu
  time for rc5des and 25% for seti at home. If a des contest is running, then
  use 100% on that one...". I hope you get what I mean."

> Self-updating clients: The clients should be able to update themselves,
> both for using new cores and updating the client itself when new
> versions
> come out.  This would obviously have to be done in a secure manner.

Of course self-updating clients would be just great. But it would already
help a lot IMHO if the client would, once it has detected an internet
connection, perform the "Check for new version availability" operation one
has to call manually at the moment from the menu.

Concerning new cores I'm wondering if there'll be a Pentium III optimized
client. Not that I own one, or can afford to buy one :) Just, you know,
out of curiosity. *g*

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