[RC5] If you were writing our next client, what would you put in it?

Attila Csipa bear at tippnet.co.yu
Sat Apr 24 19:11:23 EDT 1999

> If you had a blank sheet of paper to start with, what goals would you
> have for a next generation distributed.net protocol?  What do you
> envision for our future?

Here are a few ideas:

- Ability to run several projects simultaneously, with defineable
priorities within the client

- It would be nice to separate the cores from the client itself. This
way users who have problems on a system level with new clients can
change to newer faster cores (no fuss with buffer handling changes, f.e.). There
might be a performance drop with that, tho.

- Easy plug-in of separate cores mentioned above to allow quick and easy
adding of new projects

- Automatic core/client update (must be an option to turn it off !) by a
secure connection

- Block repair ability. I don't mean simple CRC here, but something like
Elias or Hamming codes that can actually repair blocks.

- Master Proxy feedback. This would allow clients to know if their
blocks have been accepted od rejected for some reason (duplicates, bad
CRC, whatever), to allow a quick diag of problems (no waiting for 'hey,
you have a problem' message).

- Integration of personal proxies and clients. The pproxy would be a
module of the client which would be able to distribute his blocks
to clients further down the line. This of course means that there should
be a 'run paused option for the client'.

- Measuring the stats should not be in the amount of data processed.
This should be speed - this way the size of the chunks cause no
complications - in RC5, this would mean stats based on key/sec rates,
not blocks.

- Dynamic protocol definition which would allow later improvements while
preserving compatibility with older clients.

- Stats update - the client could be able to request a stats query for a
certain person and/or team when starting a block exchange first time on
one day.

These would be in short, without detailed descriptions. I know some of
these ideas may introduce new security compromises, but I think they can
be solved satisfactorily. 

Attila Csipa
Team Prometheus coordinator
Distributed.net regional representative for Yugoslavia

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