[RC5] A look towards the future (?)

Richard Menedetter ricsi at bigfoot.com
Sat Apr 24 21:21:04 EDT 1999

Hi Greg

Greg Hewgill <greg at hewgill.com> wrote:

 >> Sorry to say so ... but I don't care about the OGR Project.
 GH> No offense taken - we certainly recognize that everybody has their
 GH> own preferences on what project(s) to do. We want to make that choice
 GH> as broad as possible.
Sorry ... maybe I have used the wrong words ...
I think that a client should offer a 'plugin' interface, to change the core.
I thought, that the OGR Client will be a OGR only client.
If it will offer these capability, I'll be very happy.

 >> The thing I want very much is a client, which can participate in
 >> many projects.
 GH> Adding OGR (or other non-crypto project) is the first step in the
 GH> realization of such a design. So far, the distributed.net client has
 GH> had a single type of project to work with. We have rearranged much of
 GH> the code internally to support multiple types of projects.
Excellent ... I didn't know that ...

But could you explain me the difference between the OGR type client, and the
(now abandoned or split or whatever) V3/Cosm client ??
(I'm new to that, so I really don't know it)

 >>  GH> The OGR project is scheduled to be included in a version 2.8
 >>  GH> client. OGR was not intended to be a "v3-only" project.
 >> I see it the other way round.
 >> I don't care about OGR, but a V3 client is VERY essential.
 GH> Absolutely. My statement was intended to clear up a misconception
 GH> that our plans for an OGR client were somehow affected by the
 GH> distributed.net/Cosm split.
Could you explain this in other words ... (to be honest I haven't understood

 >> What are the new plans for v3 ... will it have the capability to
 >> exchange the projects ... (eg change between many projects)
 GH> Absolutely. See Decibel's recent post to this list about that.
GREAT !!!!

Thanks for the informative answer.

 GH> Greg Hewgill
 GH> distributed.net Coding Team

CU, Ricsi

Richard Menedetter <ricsi at bigfoot.com> [ICQ: 7659421] {PGP Key available}

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