[RC5] Suggestions for the new D.net

Ted Carnahan ted at carnahan.com
Sun Apr 25 16:47:06 EDT 1999

Hello everyone.  I've put the finishing touches on a site which you may use to offer suggestions on how to improve Distributed.Net, especially after the departure of Adam Beberg.  Here, we'll let everyone get their $.02 in on many aspects of the new protocol, including:

Development  -  how are we going to build the new D.net
Control  -  Ideas on how to give you, the users, more control over your clients
Stats  -  Let's make stats cooler.
Utilities  -  Making life easier, one program at a time.
Clients  -  Improvements / features of the client.
Proxies  -  Personal Proxy ideas
Names  -  What are we going to call this thing???

I hope everyone visits to tell us what YOU think the future of Distributed.Net should be.


Thanks everyone!

Ted Carnahan
ted at carnahan.com
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