[RC5] Suggestions for the new D.net

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Mon Apr 26 07:19:19 EDT 1999

Here's a repeat of one suggestion for improving the 'Client':

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Subject: Don't Fetch Blocks
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 06:37:14 -0600
Organization: Gone Walkabout
Message-ID: <6xHp2kW2vT/d092yn at daina.bga.com>
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X-Status: R

Please allow the user to specify the amount of WORK to be
fetched from the server, rather than the number of blocks.
(I know this has been asked before.)

At the outset of DES-III, my average work fetched per block
was 6 * 2^28 keys.  Later, the average shrank to 4 * 2^28.

I run offline, and often encounter trouble while attempting
to connect to my internet service provider.  In a contest
such as DES-III which is over in a matter of hours, I would
like to plan ahead how often to fetch work - but variability
in the actual block sizes has invalidated my expectations.

Please let users specify the number of (2^28 equivalents) to
be fetched (no matter what the actual number of blocks).

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