[RC5] Suggestions for the new D.net

Adam C Luter gryn at gryn.dyn.marko.net
Mon Apr 26 21:49:41 EDT 1999

Why not just expect the worst, that each block is only 1 28 block?  then
you would have a variable of 1-8 times what you wanted, but at least you
woudln't be under.  Granted being able to request a certain number of 28
size blocks should be a reasonable request too :) (especially if there is
some leanency, say 10% or so).

> At the outset of DES-III, my average work fetched per block
> was 6 * 2^28 keys.  Later, the average shrank to 4 * 2^28.

> like to plan ahead how often to fetch work - but variability
> in the actual block sizes has invalidated my expectations.
> Please let users specify the number of (2^28 equivalents) to
> be fetched (no matter what the actual number of blocks).

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