[RC5] If you were writing our next client, what would you put in it?

CompuPC1 at aol.com CompuPC1 at aol.com
Tue Apr 27 08:32:08 EDT 1999

I would like to see some kind of system of primary and secondary buffer 
files.  I.E.  I usually feed buffers over a home LAN.  Lets say you have a 
laptop plugged into this LAN.  Whenever the client on it needs to read or 
write to the buffer, it first tries to access the buffers on my main desktop 
computer via the network.  If it is unable to do this (either because I am 
away from home with it or the network is not working), it should have the 
option of using a secondary set of buffer files (in this case I would make 
them local to the laptop).  This way if something goes wrong early in the 
night, all the blocks done that night are not disgarded.  I could also work 
away from home without the hassle of manually swapping buffer files and 
changing .ini files.

Then there should also be an option to automatically copy the secondary out 
buffers to the primary outs the next time a successful primary connect was 
made.  Get my drift?  I think that would be pretty useful, myself.


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