[RC5] If you were writing our next client, what would you put in it?

Peter Stuer pstuer at vub.ac.be
Tue Apr 27 13:12:55 EDT 1999

What I would most like to see is scheduling. This is the key feature that
will allow us to tackle problems that require more than just some
background crunching. Anything requiring more resources from the computer
than just spare CPU cycles will have a noticeable impact on the machine
running the client. I know lots people (at universities) that would quite
happily give up their machines for interesting purposes whenever they are
not using them. However, they would only do this if it would have zero
impact on their own work. The screensaver stuff is not good enough for
this. For tasks requiring lots of memory, the time to swap away from the
d.net task to the normal operation would be intolerable.
If we could come up with a client that would allow one to specify the
available hours, let’s say in a weekly cycle (e.g. sun: 0:00-23:59; mon:
0:00-8:00,19:00-23:59 etc.), this could open up whole new opportunities (I
would personally be interested in using such a system for evolutionary
computation tasks).



P.S. As to the "open source" stuff, I personally care more about stable and
well-documented API's then I care about source. Give me something to build
on, without having to get really close and personal with the implementation
details of the underlying system.

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