[RC5] A wish , A hint and a remark

Fred Vlijmincx vlijmin at iaehv.nl
Tue Apr 27 23:02:43 EDT 1999

hmmm. Hi all..

I have one small question. for upcoming versions..

Can the client check if its allowed to write.. where the buffers are.. ?

If i use the wrong user.. to start the client..
It isn't able to write in the folder where the buffers are..

So maybe it can be done.. a set of secondary buffers like suggested
bij James.  in the user home folder..
or an error message and a shutdown of the client..

I have one nice hint for Linux users

make a crontab entry for the time you think are online
and make the entry in it

/<clients folder>/rc5des -update

the real working client on the system will work on.. at full power
the other one will update the buffers.. and exit when its done,
other wise the working client will stop working everytime
to try to send something.. (in lurking mode
if one of the other ( in my case networking machines puts
something in the buffer...

have fun.. and find that key.. so we have at last our rest.. *grin*..
one other thing.. can the URL at distributed.net with the stats programs

be updated.. a lot of links are death.. and i have tried several times.

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