[RC5] If you were writing our next client, what would youput in it?

Darxus darxus at Op.Net
Wed Apr 28 00:45:34 EDT 1999

I have spent a great deal of time pondering these things since a bit
before we cracked rc5-56 (when I joined the effort), and a lot of
frustration trying to figure out how I could help (actually, before I
found d.net, I was thinking about doing distributed processing myself, a
different way). It always distressed me that d.net was not an opensource
project.  The only person I ever really discussed this with was Adam, and
from him, I always got "v3 will be opensource", but he didn't seem to want
any help from me on making v3 happen. 

My biggest suggestion is that you put up a voting page, similar to the one
that PowWow had.  Basically, give everybody 3 votes, and allow them to
spend those votes on items currently listed, or to add new items.  Sorted
most popular to least popular.  I believe everyone involved found that to
be a very useful tool.  Interactive, realtime, useable data.

I have many other suggestions, but they are topics I have not visited
recently, and I am tired.  And most of them seem obvious enough that they
will be suggested by numerous other people.

It seems clear that many people want to help and have good ideas.  Making
the d.net code opensource will be good.

You will be using the GPL, right ?

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