[RC5] Dnet and K6/233 CPU cooling

Jim C. Nasby jim at nasby.net
Thu Apr 29 18:15:53 EDT 1999

A few quick comments on overclocking/heat problems:

First, if the system overheats with the client running, turning the client off
is a temporary solution at best. The next time your CPU is at 100% for an
extended period of time, you'll just end up crashing again.

Second, there's some very good overclocking resources on the web, such as
www.tomshardware.com . There's also some good info on cooling products at
www.thermalnet.com and http://www.computernerd.com/ .

Finally, many computers come with a very wimpy heatsink/fan. In my experience,
the fan is the more important of the two... make sure it can move a lot of


On Wed, Apr 28, 1999 at 10:18:07PM -0400, bachrach wrote:
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> Date: Wednesday, April 28, 1999 11:54 AM
> Subject: [RC5] Dnet and K6/233 CPU cooling
> >As the weather warms up here California, I notice that my CPU is running
> >very warm (verging on hot) despite the large, cross-flow heatsink with
> >attached fan and the auxillary fan blowing air across the heatsink.  Since
> >it's an old K6/233 (3.2v), I know it's notorious for running hot but it's
> >getting to the point of instability on hot days.
> If it helps at all even here ont he east coast (Philadelphia), I have the
> same problem with my AMD K6-233. I've started turning off the d.net client
> simply because I'm really starting to get annoyed at all these blue screens
> that keep coming up. (Time for linux eh?) There have even been a few times
> when I tried to restart the computer, and I got a much more serious error
> like "operating system not found," or "Hard disk not detected," and after
> turning it off and giving it time to cool it was fine fifteen minutes later.
> >Any better ideas aside from 100cfm of fresh air or a liquid nitrogen
> system?
> Where is your computer sitting? If it's right up against a wall or in a
> corner (where mine used to be), you might want to consider moving it out of
> the corner so that the air the fans are blowing around can actually
> circulate. Other than that, I'm still having crashes more times than I
> should be.
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