[RC5] New Client features

David Cantrell david at wirestation.co.uk
Thu Apr 29 21:53:38 EDT 1999

dan carter said:

> On Tue, 27 Apr 1999 18:20:19 -0700, Torren Craigie-Manson wrote:
> >I'd like to see either a remote control function that's platform
> >independant
> Try VNC, building this sort of functionality would IMO, bloat the
> client for a function that it is best to have other programs perform.

It already has code for using TCP/IP sockets.  How much 'bloat' would 
it add to understand a really simple protocol such as (assuming the RC5 
cracker is the SERVER, listening on a known port):
  CLIENT: tell me your config
  SERVER: either "Get lost!" or
  SERVER: <file length (as ASCII chars); newline; .ini file>
  SERVER: <refuses to accept any more requests for [configurable]
           minutes or until client sends back the new config>
  CLIENT: I have a new config for you
  SERVER: either "Gimme!" or
  SERVER: "Get lost!"
  CLIENT: (assuming server agreed)
          <file length (as ASCII chars); newline; .ini file>
  SERVER: <reloads config>

The only 'intelligence' required is in the _client_ which has to 
provide a nice interface for first retreiving the current config from 
the server, then parsing the file (trivial), needs to have a point n' 
click interface for munging the values, and finally, an easy way to 
send the new config back to the keycracker.

The configurator would be simple to write in Java.

Obviously, I've assumed that the connections are always trusted, but 
adding password authentication would not be hard; nor would restricting 
the configurator to particular IPs.  I've also assumed a multi-
threading cracker, so it can listen for configurator requests at the 
same time as cracking keys.

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